Deleting objects?

My mistake:

I set an variable to nil outside the loop and then the second time around it
was not nil and therefore not populating the hash as I expected.



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On Thu, 16 Feb 2006, Paatsch, Bernd wrote:

My little program works one. However fails when I add a loop two run
it multiple times with different input data.

I believe this might be due to objects that have not been delete. Is
there a way to delete objects other than setting the variable to nil?


$global_var = {}

def my_func( line)
   # Uses $global_var, $global_var just accumulates objects, never letting
   # go.

STDIN.each_line do |line|
   my_func( line)

# Now if we use a local variable like so...

def my_func( line)
   local_var = {}
   # We get a fresh new hash every loop, old hash and old objects we held
   # on to are garbage collected automagically every time we leave the
   # scope of the variable.

To really debug your problem we need to see your code.

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