Defining variables - optionally required

Hi all,

Forgive the suggestion if it has been done to death before I joined in.
I would like some facility to change the behaviour so that variables
have to be declared before use. It would catch many of (my) typos.

VB has set declare. I always use it if I can when forced to use that

I recognise that it would have to be set on a per module or per class
basis, if for no better reason than the existing libraries would
otherwise be broken. The state of this switch would have to be
maintained in the class or module record for testing at run time.

It is therefore a language issue for Rite, not a flag for the

Two ideas…

Class Sample < Object declare
var @foo
var @bar
def bodgit()
@oops = “Error” # error @oops not declared

Class Sample
#pragma declare
var @foo

Comments. Ways to get the same effect now?




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