DateTime.parse error on win32 (long timezone names)

This is a well known bug. Please see for the easiest way to "fix"
this (and other details).



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Subject: DateTime.parse error on win32 (long timezone names)

NOTE: this is a cross-post from comp.lang.ruby, because I don't think
anyone read that message, which I posted about two months ago.

The date parsing code in the Ruby stdlib (date/format.rb)
does not parse
strings with long timezones, e.g. "Eastern Daylight Time", as
opposed to
the abbreviated "EDT". On win32, Time#to_s produces a string
with the
long timezone name. So, Time.parse( assumes
the current
year, and DateTime.parse( throws an error.

This is a critical issue for me because it is causing crashes in a
production Rails application during XML serialization in