date-formats library / gem - read / parse dates (and times) from around the world


  I've put together a date-formats library / gem [1] that lets you
read / parse date (and times) from around the world.

  Let's try a French date e.g.

DateFormats.parse( 'Lundi 1 Janvier', lang: 'fr')
#=> <Date: 2019-01-01 ((2458485j,0s,0n),+0s,2299161j)>

   or a Spanish date e.g.

DateFormats.parse( '1 Ene', lang: 'es' )`
#=> <Date: 2019-01-01 ((2458485j,0s,0n),+0s,2299161j)>

  and so on. Happy date wrangling with ruby. Cheers. Prost.

PS: Yes, you can add new (and more) formats using regular expressions
/ text patterns.