Cerberus 0.2.2 released

Hi, dear Rubyists.

I am glad to announce 0.2.2 version of Cerberus
(http://rubyforge.org/projects/cerberus/). You could download it from
here http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=1794 or install using RubyGems
(gem install cerberus)

What Cerberus is?
Cerberus is a Continuous Integration software. Cerberus could be
periodically run from scheduler and check if application tests are
broken. If it happens then Cerberus will send notification to
developers. Cerberus perfectly works both on Windows and *nix platforms.
For more CI theory read document from Martin Fowler

There are several CI solutions already present, why do I need to use
Main advantages of Cerberus over other solutions are:
1) Cerberus could be installed on any machine not only where SVN
repository located.
2) Cerberus works not only for Rails projects, but for any other Ruby
projects as well as for other platforms (as example Maven2 for Java)
3) Cerberus multiplatform solution: it runs excellent both on *nix and
4) Cerberus distributed via RubyGems, so it is very easy to install and
very easy to update to the latest stable version
5) Cerberus is very easy in using. Just type ‘cerberus add
6) Cerberus is lightweight solution: most of the time ruby process even
not runs - Rake runs only in case if changes in project sources are

What’s new in current release?
This is a improvements release that contains fixes for minor problems.
Thanks to all who gave a try to Cerberus and sent me response. I am
really glad that you found Cerberus useful. I like positive responses.
Also I got several responses where were spotted Cerberus bugs. All of
these bugs are fixed in current version. Thanks to all.

Other feature that was added to 0.2.2 is Maven2 support. So now it is
possible to use Cerberus for Java projects as well. If you looking for
lightweight replacement for Continuum or other CI software that takes
150 Mb of RAM then you definitely should take a look to Cerberus.
Cerberus takes 0Mb of memory most of the time – cause there is no any
process at all. Cerberus started from Cron by schedule. And it would
take minimum amount of RAM when Cerberus process started.
To add project as Maven2 you need to specifying command line option
BUILDER with ‘maven2’ (it would overwrite default builder ‘rake’)
cerberus add BUILDER=maven2
You could look example of using Cerberus with Maven2 at Wicket project

What will be in the next version?
In the next version 0.3.0 would be added support for Darks and CVS
version control systems. So there are more people would be able to use
Cerberus in their own projects.

If you have bright ideas (for example what other technologies/languages
make sense to add to Cerberus) please send it to project forum
http://rubyforge.org/forum/forum.php?forum_id=7343. I am really eager to
hear some interesting ideas – what possible to add, how to simplify and
make better Cerberus tool.

I hope you will enjoy this useful tool.


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