Cascading message sends

I’m a nuby, so I’m not sure if this is the Ruby Way, but you can try:

class Object
def repeat_call(meth, *args)
args.each { |arg| self.send(meth, *arg) }

ary = []
ary.repeat_call(:push, 1, [[2, 3]], 4)
p ary #=> [1, [2, 3],

s = " he llo 8765 world "
s.repeat_call(‘gsub!’, [/\s/, ‘’], [/\d/, ‘’])
p s #=> “helloworld”


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“Mark J. Reed” wrote in message

I just wanted to point out that you can do this without any
special syntax as long as the methods involved return `self’ -
which many do, including Array#push.

It’s lucky that in Ruby Array#push and Array#<< do return self; unlike
Smalltalk’s Collection>>add: anItem which returns anItem (I believe).

However as I said in the PS to my original post, I was curious about
what can be done in Ruby in the general case.

Aside: The things people have been able to do in suggesting ways to get
this behaviour have really illustrated to me the power of the
language: there seems to be something almost LISP-like in the way you
can extend nearly everything about the language, eg adding methods to
Object, Kernel, etc. Very impressive. I think Python is cute (and i have
to admit to preferring syntactically-significant-indentation to ruby’s
"end" keyword) but Ruby seems to clearly trounce it for sheer power.

Thanks for everyone’s thoughts!