Business partnership

Jakarta, Indonesia.


I’ m sure that this letter will come to you as a surprise but please
carefully read it and see how best that you can co- operate with our family
to actualize our objective. My name is Alkatiri Harmito, the eldest son of
L.M. Harmito . My father was the personal assistant on Special duties to
President Suharto of Indonesia -amongst other positions which he held. With
his positions in the reign of President Suharto he was privileged to earn
some money as goodwill and kickbacks from his boss and other multi national
companies in Indonesia. Until his death on the 20th, of March, 2002 he was a
strong believer in the policies/course of his former boss, President
Before my late father’s death, he managed through his Diplomatic contacts
visited Amsterdam, Netherlands with two TRUNK Boxes containing fifty million
united states Dollars (USD$50million) Dollars. Upon his arrival in
Amsterdam - Netherlands, my late father deposited the Trunk Boxes containing
the money with a security company and declared to them that the Box
contained precious stones and vital Business Agreements between him and his
foreign associates. He did not want them to know that the Boxes contained
money to avoid high custody fees and sabotage. Now, My family and I would
want to know if you could help us take this money out of Netherlands by
receiving this fund on our behalf as my late father’s foreign Business
associates for investment purposes. Currently our family including my mother
are now living in our country(Indonesia) as political refugee because of the
hostile attitude of the president toward us after my father’s death. This is
one of the reasons why we do not wish to use any of my late father’s contact
so as to maintain secrecy and confidentiality in this transaction. There is
no problem whatsoever since my mother shall physically handover to you all
the documents regarding the truck Boxes including an agreement and
memorandum of understanding dully signed between my late father and the
security company. For your assistance and help, my family and I have agreed
to give you 25% of the total funds, 5 % will be for any expenses you or us
might incurred during the course of this transaction, while 70% will be for
me and my family. I think this is fair enough, or what do you think? Please
feel free to contact us through E-mail or Thuraya satellite phone: +882 164
668 8451. Ask as many questions as you like, but you must treat this letter
as the highest secret of your life since we wouldn’t like to be exposed…
Incase you are not interested kindly inform us so that we will make another
More details when we hear from you.
Thank you.
Best regards,