Beginner question on ruby sql

I installed 1.8.2_rc8 and received an application error on OCI.dll


I run sqlsh.rb from the ruby/bin directory. Is there anything I can do

abt it?

Looks like it tries to connect to load an Oracle dll that isn't there.
From what I can see it does that to see what Oracle databases are there.

On my system I get:


  USAGE: c:/bin/ruby/bin/sqlsh.rb [--file file] driver_url [user
[password] ]

  Available driver and datasources:

    dbi:ODBC:MS Access Database
    dbi:ODBC:Excel Files
    dbi:ODBC:dBASE Files
    dbi:ODBC:Xtreme Sample Database

   <<< Error occures here >>>


So going by the USAGE message I tried:

  c:\>sqlsh dbi:ODBC:CodeReview7RulesDB

  CONNECT TO dbi:ODBC:CodeReview7RulesDB

  dbi =>

Which seems to have connected my to an existing ODBC db. I guess you
have to specity a database for the sql-shell (have never used it myself.

Pardon me if this is an obvious question. I'm just picking up
Ruby today. Thank you.

No worries - this is a good place to ask questions, and the community is
always eager to convert more people to Ruby :slight_smile: