Assertions in Ruby

DbC looks interesting, but it’s also much more involved than the Java
Assertions API which is what I used as a model.

I have a basic assert method that accepts a boolean condition (similar to
the check method in DbC). I also have a few variations of the assert method
for common kinds of assertions like verifying that an object responds to a
set of messages or is a kind of one of a set of classes. These assertions
can be placed wherever they are appropriate.

DbC has three constructs that perform assertions at different points in a
method … pre for the beginning, post for the end and check for places in
between. There are also methods to determine the value of an expression
before the current method started (old) and to determine that a condition is
met at the end of executing every method in a class (invariant). All of
this is interesting, but also may be overkill. Obviously this is a matter
of opinion. Sometimes simpler is better and this feels like one of those
times to me.

Another concern is that the date on the DbC documentation is August 2000,
the software is still marked as version 0.1 and the status on the web page
is “Alpha (i.e., use at your own risk)”.


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Volkmann, Mark wrote:

Yes, I’m aware of RubyUnit. I love it and use it
extensively! However,
I think there is a place for assertions too. Assertions
provide useful
documentation inside the code as opposed to be being in a
separate file
as I believe most unit tests are implemented. My examples
another potential use of assertions which is to provide a
weak form of
type checking … which of course has been a controversial
issue on the
mailing list in the past few weeks.

It’s an implementation of Design By Contract for Ruby put together (I
believe) by Andy Hunt. And although it should be viewed mostly as a
prototype, it is directly usable and may inspire you to grow it into
something greater.

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