ApacheCon mod_ruby tutorial

Pardon the quick plug, but this year at Apache Conn there will be a
tutorial on using mod_ruby and, with any luck/enough Ruby interest,
I’ll toss together a few BoFs to go over other various interests for


If you’re interested in web-technologies on the whole, ApacheConn has
always been quite informative and is generally a good place to talk
with folks about up and coming XML or other misc technologies.

This year ApacheConn is in Las Vegas from November 18th - 21st. More
details can be found at http://www.apachecon.com/.

Please feel free to ask me questions if you’re interested. I’ve
attended 2 of these before and have always found at least a handful of
great contacts and new technologies that, for the most part, blow my
hair back. Anyway, that’s my song and dance. Hopefully I’ll see some
of you folks there. :~) Hopefully we’ll have something akin to
"AxKit" only for Ruby by then and we can laugh at the poor Java XML
folks. :~) -sc


Sean Chittenden