Announcing RbYAML

Speaking of Jruby, I do not have any problem running YAML from jruby
0.8.3. I just modify LOADPATH to add a standard ruby 1.8.4 distribution
and everything works like a charm (even though jruby implements ruby



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Subject: Announcing RbYAML.


RbYAML, a pure Ruby YAML 1.1 loader and dumper is now
available in it's
first infant version. It is based on Python code from PyYAML3000 and
seems to be working fairly well, except for Unicode support,
which isn't
there yet. The project will be updated regularly, and will also soon
move to RubyForge.

The next step for RbYAML is integration with JRuby, which is the main
reason for creating this system.

You can download RbYAML from here:

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Ola Bini