[ANN] xmlscan-0.1.0rc1 released

Hi, all,

xmlscan-0.1.0rc1 has been released.


This is a release candidate, not a stable release; the library is
ready for release but the document is not yet prepared.
I will release stable version 0.1.1 after I finish writing the
document, if no problem is found during writing the document.

xmlscan is a 100% pure Ruby non-validating XML parser.

Since xmlscan needs no extension library, it completely works only
with 1.6 or above Ruby interpreter.

xmlscan doesn’t provide a friendly interface, but it is able to parse
any XML documents exactly and fast. It is so compliant with XML 1.0
Specification and Namespaces in XML that it can detect almost
non-well-formed XML documents (except ones containing DTD subset).
And, probably, xmlscan is the fastest parser among existing pure Ruby
XML parser.

xmlscan also contains htmlscan, an HTML parser.


UENO Katsuhiro unnie@blue.sky.or.jp