[ANN] Unicorn HTTP server (v0.2.1)

I’ve released Unicorn v0.2.1, the threadless fork of Mongrel optimized
to run on UNIX/Linux in a LAN/localhost-only environment.

It features nginx-style binary replacement without losing connections
and should support all Rack and Rails v2.3.x applications.

More information about Unicorn is available at:


Shortlog of changes since v0.1.0 are below:

Eric Wong (10):
Start Known Issues section in README
Allow binding to UNIX sockets relative to "~"
tests: do not trust (our correct use of) 1.9 encodings
gracefully die if working dir is invalid at fork
Add signal queueing for test reliability
Add unicorn_rails script for Rails 2.3.2
Documentation updates, prepare for 0.2.0
unicorn 0.2.0
unicorn v0.2.1, fix the Manifest

== Disclaimer

There are no known production instances of unicorn deployed
anywhere in the world. The original author of unicorn only has
one, internal, low-traffic Sinatra application deployed with it.
Maybe you’ll be the first guinea pig to test it in production.
Of course there is NO WARRANTY whatsoever if anything goes wrong,
but let us know and we’ll try our best to fix it.


Eric Wong