[ANN] Thin 0.6.3 Ninja Cookie release

Hey all,

Version 0.6.3 (codename Ninja Cookie) of the fastest Ruby server is out!


== What's new?

Thin is now more flexible and extensible then ever and even easier to deploy!

  * Add tasks for Vlad the Deployer in example/vlad.rake [cnantais]
  * Add Ramaze Rackup config file in example dir [tmm1]
    Use like this from you Ramaze app dir:

      thin start -r /path/to/thin/example/ramaze.ru

  * Add the --rackup option to load a Rack config file instead of the Rails adapter.
    So you can use any framework with the thin script and start cluster and stuff like that.
    A Rack config file is one that is usable through the rackup command and looks like this:

      use Rack::CommonLogger
      run MyCrazyRackAdapter.new(:uterly, 'cool')

    Then use it with thin like this:

      thin start --rackup config.ru

  * thin config --chrdir ... -C thin/yml do not change current directory anymore, fixes #33.
  * Add a better sample god config file in example/thin.god that loads all info from config
    files in /etc/thin. Drop-in replacement for the thin runlevel service [Gump].
  * Add support for specifying a custom Connector to the server and add more doc about Server
  * Add a script to run thin as a runlevel service that can start at startup, closes #31 [Gump]
    Setup the service like this:

      sudo thin install /etc/thin

    This will install the boot script under /etc/init.d/thin. Then copy your config files to
    /etc/thin. Works only under Linux.
  * Set process name to 'thin server (' when running as a daemon, closes #32.
  * Make sure chdir option from config file is used when present.
  * Raise an error when starting a server as a daemon and pid file already exist, fixes #27.

== Get it!

  sudo gem install thin

Or using my mirror:

  sudo gem install thin --source http://code.macournoyer.com

   Thin is still alpha software, if you use it on your server you understand the
   risks that are involved.

== Contribute

If you're using Thin, let me know and I'll put your site on http://code.macournoyer.com/thin/users/

Thin is driven by an active community of passionate coders and benchmarkers.
Please join us, contribute or share some ideas in Thin Google Group:

Also on IRC: #thin on freenode

Thanks to all the people who contributed to Thin, EventMachine, Rack and Mongrel.

Marc-Andre Cournoyer