[ANN] Text::Format 0.63

Fixed a bug where I didn’t properly detect that a value could return

All users are recommended to upgrade to this version as changes in
0.62 exposed this bug that has been in place since hyphenation was

– Austin Ziegler, austin@halostatue.ca on 2003.04.07 at 13:19:24

“Austin Ziegler” austin@halostatue.ca wrote in message

link, explanation please


Sorry; one of these days I’ll get a template in place that has all
that information. Perhaps when I put together a release script (:

Text::Format is a text formatting object, ported from Perl’s
Text::Format 0.52. Additional functionality was added in 0.6 to
support hyphenation. 0.61, 0.62, and 0.63 have been bug fixes –
primarily to the hyphenation support – with a minor API change in
0.62 (with backwards compatibility).

Text::Format is for plaintext fixed pitch output (Courier, console,
etc.); the results assume that all characters are the same.

I’m working on a PDF library that will have stuff that may be able
to be factored out if you know the font metrics involved, so that
Text::Format can be used for variable-width fonts.

– Austin Ziegler, austin@halostatue.ca on 2003.04.07 at 22:17:25