[ANN] scrubyt.org - your source of scRUBYt! tutorials, howtos, news and more


This is the last ann from me today, I promise :slight_smile:

Writing thorough documentation, tutorials and other info was a primary concern since the beginning of hacking on scRUBYt!. I am not yet ready with everything, but you should find plenty of resources to get you started at:


I am planning to add a community section later, where people could upload/download extractors, rate them, comment them, tag them, join some of them to get a more powerful one etc.

It is possible to contribute also until then - just leave a comment on any of the pages or send your extractor to scrubyt@scrubyt.org.

I would like to hear your opinion on scRUBYt! - every kind of communication is warmly welcome. I am counting on the community to help me to find bugs and improve the overall user experience.

Please remember that scRUBYt! is just taking off - there are a lots of things in the queue as well as lot of known (and unknown) issues, bugs, problems - the whole stuff is far from perfect yet, so please be patient with this first version.