ANN: Ruby/Tk Widget Demos at new home

Hi, Folks–

You don’t know me yet, but I’m the new maintainer of the Ruby/Tk
Widget Demos. Jonathan Conway suggested I take over the package mainly
because he’s got too much to do (like I don’t ;-), but also because I
can read Japanese, which might prove useful in the effort to provide
better documentation.

To be honest, I’m fairly new to Ruby, though I’ve been working with Tk
for about five years (mainly in its Python-Tkinter incarnation). But
since I’m in semi-regular contact with Jonathan, I will be able to
consult with him when the Ruby gets over my head, and of course I
welcome feedback from the community when I stray from the path, as I
undoubtedly will at times.

Anyway, the new home page for the package is:

and the packages are at


I haven’t made any significant changes yet, but in the near future I
will be looking for bugs to fix and working on the documentation.


Matt Gushee
Englewood, Colorado, USA