[ANN] Ruby/Informix 0.2.0 released

Ruby/Informix is a Ruby extension for connecting to IBM Informix
Dynamic Server, written in ESQL/C.

It is being developed and heavily tested on Solaris/SPARC. It has been
reported to work on Linux Fedora, SuSE Linux and Windows XP.

On Windows XP use Ruby 1.8.4.

Full changelog since initial release follows:

0.2.0 04/24/2006


New features:
        * Methods added to SequentialCursor:

                - fetch_hash_many(n), fetch_hash_all
                - each_by(n), each_hash_by(n)
                - fetch!, fetch_hash!, each!, each_hash!

          where !-methods reduce object creation by reusing the same result
          object in each call

        * fetch*many and fetch*all methods now return [] instead of nil when
          no records are found

Bugs fixed:
        * When freeing a cursor that was opened but never used, a segmentation
          fault occurred

0.1.0 04/10/2006
        * Support for all built-in data types, except INTERVAL
        * immediate statements
        * prepared statements
        * select cursors and bulk inserts (insert cursors)
        * transactions
        * #columns method for retrieving column information
        * rows retrieved as arrays or hashes
        * IO-based and IO-like (StringIO) objects for storing a BYTE/TEXT
          column, and retrieved as a String object
        * NULL, DATE and DATETIME mapped to nil, Date and Time objects and
        * #drop method for freeing Informix resources immediatly
        * source code documented with RDoc

        * INTERVAL not supported
        * cursors must be closed before reopening them
        * only one open connection at a time is supported

Home page: http://ruby-informix.rubyforge.org
Download from: http://rubyforge.org/projects/ruby-informix/

Gerardo Santana