[ANN] Ruby-GetText-Package-1.0.0

(Masao Mutoh) #1


I'm proud to announce this information.
Yes, Ruby-GetText-Package-1.0.0 is now available!



* The first major release :wink:
* The project has moved to rubyforge.
* Ruby on Rails is supported.
   Includes a sample blog in samples/rails/
   It's been translated in French/German/Japanese/Korean/Spanish.
* gem is supported. ($ gem install gettext)
   $ gem install gettext
* rake is used as building tool.
* Not required racc anymore on installing time.
* Added some new APIs.
    GetText.rgettext, GetText.rmsgfmt, GetText.textdomain.
* New/Updated translations:
    French - Laurent Sansonetti
    German - Sven Herzberg
    Japanese - Masao Mutoh
    Korean - Gyoung-Yoon Noh (NEW)
    Spanish - David Espada
* bugfixes.


* Download

* Ruby-GetText-Package HOWTO
* Ruby-GetText-Package HOWTO for CGI/ERB
* Ruby-GetText-Package API Reference

What's this?
Ruby GetText Package is a Native Language Support Library and
Tools which modeled after GNU gettext package.

  * Simple APIs(similar GNU gettext)
  * rgettext command for creating po-files from files below:
       o ruby scripts
       o glade-2 XML file(.glade)
       o ERB file(.rhtml)
  * rmsgfmt command for creating a mo-file from a po-file.
  * The po-file is compatible to GNU gettext.
    You can maintain these files to use GNU getext tools.
  * The mo-file is compatible to GNU gettext(msgfmt).
  * multi-textdomain supported.
    You can select two kind of textdomain's scope:
       o A file base (default: recommanded)
       o A Class/Module base (GetText::Container, GetText::ErbContainer, GetText::Rails)
  * CGI support (gettext/cgi)
  * ERB support (gettext/erb)
  * Ruby on Rails support (gettext/rails)

French - Laurent Sansonetti
German - Detlef Reichl, Sven Herzberg
Italian - Gabriele Renzi
Japanese - Masao Mutoh
Korean - Gyoung-Yoon Noh
Portuguese(Brazil) - Joao Pedrosa
Spanish - David Espada, David Moreno Garza
Swedish - Nikolai Weibull

Can you help us?/ Can we help you?
I've started gettext-users-en mailing list.


Join us if you are interested in:
* Improve Ruby-GetText-Package.
* Translators.
* Application/library owners who think to make your apps/libs L10n.
  If you send us your po-files, we'll translate it!
  # At least, a Japanese translator is available ;).


.:% Masao Mutoh<mutoh@highway.ne.jp>