[ANN] Ruby Conference 2002 registration now open!

Dear everyone,

This is to announce that registration for:

                 Ruby Conference 2002

                    November 1-3
                  Seattle, WA, USA


is now open!

Go to http://www.rubyconf.org, and you’ll see links to registration
as well as lots of information about the Conference. There’s something
for everyone – it’s a full, exciting schedule, and no matter what your
Ruby experience, you’ll learn a lot and have a great time.

So plan now to come to this wonderful Ruby event!

Plans for the Conference (see “Agenda” link for more detail) include:

…more than a dozen expert speakers on various aspects of Ruby

…an on-going series of smaller talks and poster presentations,
based on the Open Space model ***

…opportunities to meet and talk Ruby with experts and authors,
at meals as well as during formal sessions

and, last but not least …

…Matz! Come meet the creator of Ruby, and hear his views on
Ruby’s present and future!

The Conference fee is $200 US ($125 US for presenters of full-length
talks). We’re accepting payment by PayPal. If you have any problems
or questions about registration, payment, or any other aspect of the
Conference, please contact the organizers through the Web site or email
me directly (dblack@candle.superlink.net).

At the Web site, check the “Accomodations” page; we’ve got a good
deal on a downtown hotel, and also there’s a room-sharing Wiki page.
(More accomodation info will be coming to the page soon.)

Looking forward to it, and hoping to see you there –

David Black
for Ruby Conference 2002


*** The Open Space presentations are still open – in fact, you can bring
your ideas directly to the Conference and plan there. More info on the
Open Space track will be coming to this list soon.

Note: event and schedule descriptions are as accurate as possible,
based on current plans, but are subject to change without notice.