[ann] Ruby appscript 0.2.0 released (Mac OS X)

Announcing the 0.2.0 release of Ruby appscript, a high-level,
user-friendly Apple event bridge that allows you to control scriptable
Mac OS X applications using ordinary Ruby scripts:


This release contains over three dozen changes, including brand new
features, API improvements, application compatibility tweaks and
bugfixes. Of particular note are:

- a new OSAX module for calling scripting additions from Ruby

- support for built-in and third-party unit types (inches, centimeters,

- a new source-based .gem for easier installation

- better adherence to Ruby style guidelines.

A new mailing list, rb-appscript-discuss, has also been set up for
general discussion and help. You can subscribe at:


Please note that due to API changes in rb-appscript 0.2.0, scripts
written for rb-appscript 0.1.x may need some minor alterations to work
correctly with this new version. The APIs are now fairly stable, so any
future changes in this area should be minimal.

The goal is to release the first rb-appscript beta (0.3.0) in the new
year, so any and all feedback on appscript's APIs, implementation,
documentation, examples, etc. between now and then will be extremely
valuable and greatly appreciated. Many thanks to all those users who
have provided suggestions for improvements, bug reports, etc. so far.