[ANN] rpkg-0.3.pre4 and precompiled packages

rpkg-0.3.pre4 can be downloaded from http://www.allruby.com/rpkg.

This is a prerelease to test the ability to deal with precompiled
packages. Two precompiled packages are available right now: openssl
and locana for i386-linux. Total number of packages has grown to 19.

If you wish to make your module(s) available through rpkg/rapt, please
contact me or see the tutorial on the web page to make your own
package, it takes only ten minutes and no modification of your code.

If you’re wondering what rpkg/rapt is: it is a tool that lets you
install modules from the net, together with tests, documentation,
executables and compiled extensions, with just one command, into
configurable locations. Modules can be browsed and removed cleanly as