[ANN] rodauth-oauth 0.4.0 released

rodauth-oauth is a rack-compatible toolkit for building OAuth 2.0
authorization servers, as well as OpenID Authentication Providers.

# as simple as
rodauth do
  enable :oauth

It can also be used with Rails (via the "rodauth-rails" gem).

Website: https://honeyryderchuck.gitlab.io/rodauth-oauth/
Documentation: https://honeyryderchuck.gitlab.io/rodauth-oauth/rdoc/
Wiki: https://gitlab.com/honeyryderchuck/rodauth-oauth/wikis/home
CI: https://gitlab.com/honeyryderchuck/rodauth-oauth/pipeline

### 0.4.0

### Features

* A new method, `get_additional_param(account, claim)`, is now exposed;
this method will be called whenever non-OIDC scopes are requested in the
emission of the ID token.

* The `form_post` response mode is now supported, either by passing the
`response_mode=form_post` request param in the authorization URL, or by
setting `oauth_response_mode "form_post"` option. This improves the overall
security of an Authorization server even more, as authorization codes are
sent to client applications via a POST request to the redirect URI.

### Improvements

* For the OIDC `address` scope, proper claims are now emitted as per the
standard, i.e. the "formatted", "street_address", "locality", "region",
"postal_code", "country". These will be the ones referenced in the
`get_oidc_param` method.

### Bugfixes

* The rails default templates were missing declarations from a few params,
which made some of the flows (the PKCE for example) not work out-of-the box;
* rails tests were silently not running in CI;
* The CI suite was revamped, so that all Oauth tests would be run under
rails as well. All versions from rails equal or above 5.0 are now targeted;