[ANN] RingyDingy

= RingyDingy

RingyDingy is a little boat that keeps your DRb service afloat!

Rubyforge Project:



ri RingyDingy

== About

RingyDingy automatically registers a service with a RingServer. If
communication between the RingServer and the RingyDingy is lost, RingyDingy
will re-register its service with the RingServer when it reappears.

Similarly, the RingServer will automatically drop registrations by a RingyDingy
that it can't communicate with after a short timeout.

== Installing RingyDingy

Just install the gem:

   $ sudo gem install RingyDingy

== Using RingyDingy

You'll need a Rinda::RingServer, you can download one here:


Once you've got that running you can have a service register itself:

   require 'rubygems'
   require 'ringy_dingy'
   require 'my_drb_service'

   my_drb_service = MyDRbService.new



To learn more about Rinda::RingServer, you can read my handy tutorial:



Eric Hodel - drbrain@segment7.net - http://blog.segment7.net
This implementation is HODEL-HASH-9600 compliant