[ANN] rdoc 3.1 Released

rdoc version 3.1 has been released!

* https://github.com/rdoc/rdoc/
* http://rdoc.rubyforge.org/
* https://github.com/rdoc/rdoc/issues

RDoc produces HTML and command-line documentation for Ruby projects. RDoc
includes the +rdoc+ and +ri+ tools for generating and displaying online

See RDoc for a description of RDoc's markup and basic use.


### 3.1 / 2010-12-28

RDoc has moved to github. Releases after 3.1 reference github unless
otherwise noted.

* Minor enhancements
  * RDoc::Task now features a #generator option to choose an alternate
    generator. Pull Request #2 by Erik Hollensbe.
  * Enhanced test for RDoc::Parser::binary? RubyForge patch #28538 by Eito
  * Generator list in --help is no longer static. Generator description comes
    from the generator's DESCRIPTION constant.
  * Documentation summary is now displayed with dynamic width.
* Bug fixes
  * Strip encoding comment from input to avoid overriding file comment.
    RubyForge Bug #22113 by James Gray.
  * Restore call-seq parsing behavior when the call-seq is the only comment.
    RubyForge Bug #26290 by Sylvain Joyeux.
  * Coverage report no longer crashes for constant aliases. Pull Request #1
    by Andy Lindeman.
  * RDoc no longer looses ghost methods when followed by certain tokens.
    RubyForge bug #27793 by Aaron Patterson.
  * RDoc no longer crashes in ri if HOME is not set. Ruby Bug #4202 by
    Shyouhei Urabe.
  * ri no longer crashes with HTML format output. RubyForge bug #28675 by
  * RDoc::Markup::ToHtml#gen_url now initializes #from_path to ''.
    Additionally, #from_path is now settable. RubyForge bug #27838 by Claus
    Folke Brobak.
  * Comments in the C parser ar enow normalized before being combined.
    RubyForge patch #28646 by Sven Herzberg.
  * RDoc::Parser::C no longer requires a comment and finds more method bodies.
    RubyForge patch #28643 by Sven Herzberg.
  * Darkfish now has a "Class/Module Index" instead of a "Class Index".
    RubyForge patch #28364 by James Tucker.
  * RDoc::Parser::Ruby now parses negative numbers correctly. RubyForge patch
    #28544 by Eito Katagiri.