[ANN] rasn1 0.9.0 released

rasn1 0.9.0 has been released.

* home: <GitHub - sdaubert/rasn1: Ruby ASN.1 library>
* bugs: <Issues · sdaubert/rasn1 · GitHub>
* doc: <Home · sdaubert/rasn1 Wiki · GitHub>

RASN1 is a pure ruby ASN.1 library. RASN1 helps to create ASN.1 parsers
and encoders.


### 0.9.0 / 2021-12-27

* API break: Types::Base#initialize needs `:value` option to set a value. Setting a value as first argument is no more supported.
* Types::Base#inspect: add information about ASN.1 class and about tagged value.
* Types::Base: change how type without set value is handled internaly. Add #void_value to define 'value' when no value is set (to always have a well-defined type).
* Model: use a private class Elem instead of an array to define model's root.
* Model: simplify code.
* Types::Integer#enum is always a Hash.
* Fix Types::Utf8String#der_to_value by setting @value.
* Fix some minor issues due to type handling (Types::Base, Types::BitString, Types::GeneralizedTime, Types::ObjectIf, Types::Sequence and Types::SequenceOf)
* Types::Constructed#inspect: always show optional fields