[ANN] rake-tester-0.0.1

Hi folks,

I just released the first version of rake-tester, an extension of the
[rake-compiler][] gem that allows the testing of Ruby C extension parts
with C testing frameworks, e.g. [cmockery][].

This allows you to test the pure-C parts of your Ruby extensions in C.

Features include:

* Automatic compiling and running of test suites
* Support for running single test suites with valgrind or gdb

Limitations are:
* Test suites can only be compiled for the current platform,
    not for cross-compile targets (but you couldn't run them on
    your machine anyways...)

The project's home is http://www.github.com/karottenreibe/rake-tester


[rake-compiler]: http://github.com/luislavena/rake-compiler
[cmockery]: http://code.google.com/p/cmockery/