[ANN] quick_cert 2.0 Released

quick_cert version 2.0 has been released!


quick_cert allows you to quickly and easily create SSL certificates. It uses
a simple configuration file to generate self-signed client and server

quick_cert (formerly QuickCert) was one of the first things I released for Ruby, some four years ago. I've heard over the years that (shockingly!) people have continued to use it. Here it is for the first time as a gem!


### 2.0 / 2009-04-16

* 2 minor enhancements:
  * Released as a gem
  * Reorganized for Hoe

* 3 discoveries:
  * CVS is odd after not using it for so long
  * My ruby style hasn't changed much in the past five years
  * I still don't know how OpenSSL works