[ANN] PrettyException 0.9.3: Bugfixes


  This is new release of library which will make debugging of your Ruby web
applications pleasant and simple. It will generate pretty HTML backtrace for
the raised exception and put colored snippets of involved code near each
entry. You can show/hide snippets by simply clicking on the backtrace entries.
Last screenshot is here: http://muravey.net/docs/PrettyException-2.png

== Changes
  This is only a bugfix release. After announcing PrettyException 0.9.2, I had
a number of important bug reports, so I felt that I should release new
version. Here is changelog:
   * Now properly escapes HTML characters inside code (reported by Patrick
   * Fixed source line counting issue with heredoc strings (reported by
Patrick Gundlach)
   * Fixed crash with errors raised near the end of file (reported by Mikael

== Thanks
  I'd like to thank Mikael Brockman and Patrick Gundlach for reporting bugs
that was fixed in this version of library. Guys, you helped me a lot.
  And (I couldn't resist :slight_smile: thanks to Matz for a great language!

== Dependences
  PrettyException uses MW::Template library to handle it's HTML generation
code. MW::Template is a templating engine, yet to be released, available from
  If you're installing PrettyException via RubyGems, it will handle this
dependence for you.

** Be warned, MW::Template will _not_ work for Windows users because I still
didn't find time to compile the C part of it for win32. **

== How to get
  You can always get new version of PrettyException from RubyGems repository,
this should do the job:
    $ gem install PrettyException
  If you don't like RubyGems for some reason, you can use a normal tar.gz
archive that can be found here: http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=9
It uses Minero Aoki's setup.rb script, so installation shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks for your attention and good day to everyone!


sdmitry -=- Dmitry V. Sabanin
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