[ANN] posix_mq 2.3.0 - POSIX Message Queues for Ruby

POSIX message queues allow local processes to exchange data in the form
of messages. This API is distinct from that provided by System V
message queues, but provides similar functionality.

* http://bogomips.org/ruby_posix_mq/
* mailto:ruby-posix-mq@bogomips.org
* git clone git://bogomips.org/ruby_posix_mq.git
* Atom feed: http://bogomips.org/ruby_posix_mq/NEWS.atom.xml
* archives: http://bogomips.org/ruby-posix-mq/
* gem install -v 2.3.0 posix_mq


    Ruby posix_mq 2.3.0 - updates for Ruby 2.3+

    This release updates our POSIX_MQ#close to match the idempotent
    IO#close behavior under Ruby 2.3 and later. Previous Ruby versions
    continue to be supported, but POSIX_MQ#close remains non-idempotent
    when built against old Ruby versions.

    4 changes since v2.2.0:

          enable frozen_string_literal for Ruby 2.3+
          support idempotent POSIX_MQ#close
          README: remove cgit and ssoma references
          build: use '--local' domain for dev gem install

Have fun!