[ANN] Phoenix Ruby Group Meeting for November

The Phoenix Ruby User Group November meeting:

Time: 6:15 PM
Where: Axway (formerly named Cyclone Commerce)

See http://www.rubyaz.org/groups/prug/ for a map and more information
about the group.

I expect we'll be getting a recap of the recent RubyConf 2006 from
Actual Live Attendees, plus the usual fun discussions on whatever.

Also, the Phoenix Rails group will be meeting on Nov. 21, back at
Molly Brannigan's this month.

See http://azonrails.org/ for more details.


PS: Fellow Zonies, get ready for BarCamp Phoenix in December!



Date: Monday, November 13, 2006

James Britt

"Simplicity of the language is not what matters, but
simplicity of use."
- Richard A. O'Keefe in squeak-dev mailing list