[ANN] PDX.rb - October 4th special guests

Hey all,

The Portland Ruby Brigade is excited to announce that we will have Derek
Sivers of CD Baby attend our next meeting. He will be accompanied by
Jeremy Kemper (bitsweat). As you may or may not know, they have been
rebuilding CD Baby from a PHP+MySQL powered system to a Ruby+Rails
+PostgreSQL system. :slight_smile:

They will be coming by and answering any questions that we can throw at
them in regards to their work on this big project. (The system includes
more than just the public website… the back-end is the big part). We
will also be recording the discussions and will attempt to get a podcast
out of it.

This will take place on Tuesday, Oct 4th at FreeGeek in Portland,

For more information see:


and the announcement on our list:



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