[ANN] PDF::Writer 1.1.2

(Austin Ziegler) #1

I am pleased to announce the release of PDF::Writer 1.1.2. This release
primarily fixes some page numbering bugs and issues with the coordinate
transformation matrices. I have to thank the wonderful users of

  * Thomas Gantner found two bugs with page numbering and provided a
    patch for one of them. Marc Vleugels found one of the same bugs that
    Thomas did and reported it as #2204 on the RubyForge tracker.
  * Mike Leddy found an issue with PDF::SimpleTable and provided a
    patch in #2129 on the RubyForge tracker.
  * Marc Vleugels found several minor issues and one major issue with
    PDF::Writer's handling of index-based PNG transparency. I fixed the
    minor issues and can reproduce the major issue, but do not as yet
    have a fix for it. See #2245 on the RubyForge tracker for more

= What is PDF::Writer for Ruby?
It provides the ability to create PDF documents using only native Ruby
libraries. There are several demo programs available in the demo/
directory. The canonical documentation for PDF::Writer is the 95-page
manual "manual.pdf", which can be generated using bin/techbook (just
"techbook" for RubyGem users) and the manual file "manual.pwd".

Homepage:: http://ruby-pdf.rubyforge.org/pdf-writer/
Download:: http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=81
Copyright:: 2003—2005, Austin Ziegler

This software is based on Adobe's PDF Reference, Fifth Edition, version
1.6. This and earlier editions are available from Adobe's PDF developer

PDF::Writer is generally available under an MIT-style licence with few
restrictions, but there are subtle restrictions on portions of the
library, and there are patents for which some rights have been granted
by Adobe. Please read the file LICENCE[2] for more information.

== Requirements and Installation
PDF::Writer requires Ruby 1.8.2 or better, color-tools 1.3.0[3] or
better, and Transaction::Simple 1.3.0[4] or better.

Once these packages are installed, PDF::Writer can be installed with:

% ruby setup.rb

Alternatively, you can use the RubyGems version of PDF::Writer available
as pdf-writer-1.1.2.gem from the usual sources. The gem knows its
dependencies on Transaction::Simple and color-tools and offers to
install them.

== Demo Programs
For the first time, the demo programs are available as a separately
downloadable package.

If PDF::Writer has been installed with RubyGems, then the demos will
need to be run explicitly referencing RubyGems:

% ruby -rubygems chunkybacon.rb

== PDF::Writer 1.1.2: August 25, 2005
* Thomas Gantner found a problem with the interpretation of the
  placement of page numbers and provided a patch. Thanks!
* Thomas also reported a problem with an inability to place page
  numbering on the first page of a document, as well as strange results
  from not providing a starting page number. This has been fixed. Also
  reported as #2204.
* Modified PDF::Writer requirements to require color-tools version 1.3.0
  or later. This necessitates that Color constants be changed to
  Color::RGB constants.
* Updated supporting library documentation to include information on
  color-tools version 1.3.
* Fixed a bug with Graphics#transform_matrix truncating one of the
  transform parameters.
* Applied a fix to PDF::SimpleTable submitted by Mike Leddy in #2129 on
  the RubyForge tracker.
* Applied a partial fix for PNG with index-transparency provided by Marc
  Vleugels in #2245 on the RubyForge tracker. NOTE: This does not solve
  the transparency problem; at this point, PDF::Writer cannot be said to
  support PNGs with transparency. This will be fixed in a later version
  of PDF::Writer.

1: http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/pdf/index_reference.html
2: http://ruby-pdf.rubyforge.org/pdf-writer/licence.html
3: http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=295
4: http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=81


Austin Ziegler * halostatue@gmail.com
             * Alternate: austin@halostatue.ca

(Lyndon Samson) #2

Hi Austin

I recently started using this and found it well designed and very
usefull.Particularily good in combination with webrick to generate
dynamic reports.

Great work. thanks!