[ANN] parseopt 0.3.1 released


I've been using this option parser for many years in multiple projects,
and I've finally decided to make it a gem.

It uses as inspiration Git's internal option parser, and also Ruby's

The reason I don't use OptionParser is that it's not possible to pass
arguments as-is to another program (e.g. git log --no-merges -- README).
See issue #8460.

It's really simple:

  opts = ParseOpt.new('my command')
  opts.on('b') { $bool = true }

I have tests [2], and documentation [3].

Any feedback is appreciated in the GitHub project [4].


[1] https://redmine.ruby-lang.org/issues/8460
[2] Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence
[3] File: README — Documentation for parseopt (0.3.1)
[4] GitHub - felipec/ruby-parseopt: A simple yet powerful option parser


Felipe Contreras