[ANN] nio4r 0.5.0: high-performance cross-platform IO selectors for Ruby

nio4r provides a high performance IO selector API which lets you monitor
several IO objects for events simultaneously using a single system call.
It's similar to Kernel.select, but keeps its state between calls.

Selectors thunk to the epoll on Linux and kqueue on BSDs, using libev for
Rubies with C extension support (MRI, Rubinius) and Java NIO on JRuby.

Now located at a new home as a Celluloid subproject:

Changes from 0.4.6:

* Fix segv when attempting to register to a closed selector
* Fix Windows support on Ruby 2.0.0
* Upgrade to libev 4.15

Thanks to Luis Lavena for fixing Windows support on Ruby 2.0.0 and Ravil
Bayramgalin for fixing the crashes on closed selectors.



Tony Arcieri