[ANN] mod_ruby 3.0 Release

* home: <https://github.com/mikeowens/mod_ruby>
* doc: <http://mikeowens.github.io/mod_ruby/mod_ruby.html>

I never formally announced this project before, for whatever reason. I
it in 2007 and put the first version in production in 2008. It is now on the
third version. It has been meticulously built, tested, documented and is now
very stable. It has been used in production 24/7/365 for medium and
sites for years on both Debian/Ubuntu Linux and FreeBSD systems.

mod_ruby is an Apache module built from the ground up which embeds Ruby into
Apache. It has no relation to the original mod_ruby
(https://github.com/shugo/mod_ruby). It is written from scratch
specifically for
Apache 2.x. It is designed to run in UN*X environments using Apache's
prefork MPM. It does not run on Windows or within Apache's worker or event

mod_ruby makes it possible for you to run Ruby natively in Apache. You run
straight up Ruby in CGI as well as create custom Apache handlers in which to
plug in your own framework.

mod_ruby also includes a fast, embedded RHTML parser implemented in C which
works exactly like eRuby.