[ANN] Lone Star Ruby Conference V - Last Call for Speakers

TODAY Is the last day to submit your proposal
for a Speaking slot at LSRC V!

Lone Star Ruby Conference V - August 11-13, Austin, TX

The BEST Ruby Conference (in Texas) is right around the corner:


LSRC is a three day combo 'training + dual-track'
Ruby Conference held in the capitol city of the
Lone Star State.

--- Submit Your Proposals ---

We invite you to be a part of LSRC V and share your
knowledge, success and expertise by submitting
a speaking proposal at:


for a 40-minute talk.

Here are just a few sample topics:

- Cloud based Computing with Ruby
- Rails3 - Anything
- Best practices for open source contributions (Rails and others)
- Deployment options for Ruby-based apps
- Rack and available plugins
- Code minimalism: how we can write more in fewer lines of code
- Evented programming in Ruby
- Desktop development with Ruby (MacRuby, Titanium Desktop, GTK)
- iPhone/iPad/Mobile development with MacRuby/Ruby
- How to get started creating Ruby gems
- How to Test Ruby and/or Rails Apps
- Ruby code metrics / static analysis
- Survey of Testing and/or Debugging Tools
- Getting Started w/ Ruby: tips, techniques, and resources you should know
- Embedded Ruby
- Ruby and Network Security
- Ruby and Telephony APIs
- Design and coding techniques
- Developer productivity tips and tools
- Patterns and best practices for developing Ruby code
- MRI, Rubinius, JRuby, YARV
- Ruby in the Enterprise
- Ruby in Small Business
- Ruby internals, meta programming
- Ruby 1.9 and Unicode
- Data filtering, reporting, parsing
- CoffeeScript, Javascript
- SQL and Non-SQL databases
- How I made a million dollars with Ruby

You name it. If it is Ruby related, we want to hear from you.
(Proposals are due Sunday, June 5, 2011.)

We look forward to seeing you at the conference in August.
Please feel free to email us with your suggestions on
how we can make this your perfect conference.

Registration for LSRC 2011 will open in early June.

See you in Austin in August!


Jim Freeze and the LSRC Team
Lone Star Ruby Foundation

For sponsorship, media or promotional partner opportunities,
contact Jim Freeze at jim _at_ lonestarrubyconf _dot_com.

P.S. Proposals are due by midnight June 5, 2011.

P.P.S. You can follow conference announcements on Twitter at http://twitter.com/lsrc

P.P.P.S. Use the Twitter tags #lsrc and #lsrcv