[ANN] kgio 2.11.4 - legacy I/O for legacy Ruby + Unix

This is a legacy project, do not use it for new projects.
Ruby 2.3+ makes this obsolete. kgio provides non-blocking I/O
methods for Ruby without raising exceptions on EAGAIN and

Note: I do not recommend using kgio for new code, Ruby 2.x
has a lot of the functionality of kgio and Ruby 2.3+ has even more.

* homepage: Index of /kgio/
* public mailbox (no subscription, no HTML mail): kgio-public@yhbt.net
* git clone kgio.git - kinder, gentler I/O for Ruby
- torsocks git clone http://7fh6tueqddpjyxjmgtdiueylzoqt6pt7hec3pukyptlmohoowvhde4yd.onion/kgio.git
* Atom feed https://yhbt.net/kgio/NEWS.atom.xml
* public mail archives: kgio RubyGem user+dev discussion/patches/pulls/bugs/help


    kgio 2.11.4

    This release fixes compatibility with GC.compact on Ruby 3.x.
    Thanks to Ngan Pham for the patch and Aaron Patterson for the


    kgio remains obsolete and deprecated, and it's primary dependent
    will be updated to not depend on it in the future.