[ANN] kcar 0.5.0 - bytestream to Rack response converter

kcar features an HTTP parser that will convert a bytestream into a
3-element array suitable for use as a Rack response. It is IO interface
agnostic, so it may be used with HTTP streams over Unix domain sockets,
regular files, FIFOs, StringIOs as well as traditional TCP sockets.

* homepage: http://bogomips.org/kcar/
* public mailing list: kcar-public@bogomips.org
* git clone git://bogomips.org/kcar.git
* mailing list archives: http://bogomips.org/kcar-public/


GPL-2.0+, new mailing list, doc updates

An "or later" clause has been added for GPL-2.0 users,
the Ruby 1.8 license is still an option, of course.

There's a new, open-to-all (except HTML senders :P) mailing list at:


Existing librelist users will need to resubscribe themselves, as there's
no way for me to do it. Users who wish to subscribe may send a message


Similarly, they may unsubscribe via:


HTTP archives are available via:


The documentation is updated to reflect this and the website
loads faster thanks to the switch to olddoc.

      Rakefile: kill raa_update task
      license: upgrade from GPLv2-only to GPLv2-or-later
      switch documentation to olddoc
      change mailing list to kcar-public@bogomips.org
      response: fix mispelling of "guarantee"
      README: update support status to Ruby 1.9+
      continue generating VERSION constant
      kcar.rl: remove unused REASON length check