[ANN] JRuby OpenSSL 0.3 released

Version 0.3 of JRuby OpenSSL has been released.
This version includes numerous large bug fixes, compatibility and general improvements.
PKCS7 is now supported, Net::SSH works, and SSLSockets are usable.

To install:

jruby -S gem install jruby-openssl

Bugs fixed:

JRUBY-2471 Using X509 Certificate in DRb SSL Config throws an exception
JRUBY-2597 Performance problem for nil string in SSLSocket.sysread
JRUBY-2676 JRuby-OpenSSL frequently hangs on HTTPRequests
JRUBY-2178 Received fatal alert: illegal_parameter (OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError)
JRUBY-1307 Support OpenSSL cipher strings
JRUBY-2185 SSL exception trying to open non-HTTPS URL with SSL on
JRUBY-2747 Net::SSH io padding error
JRUBY-1692 jopenssl Cipher fails after first message (Net::SSH)
JRUBY-1194 DES encryption is somehow broken
JRUBY-2913 OpenSSL certificate file name generation throws UnknownFormatConversionException
JRUBY-2833 jruby 1.1.3, gem install rails occured an error
JRUBY-1808 uninitialized constant OpenSSL::X509::Store
JRUBY-2332 Gem installation fails with ParserException
JRUBY-1670 JRuby-OpenSSL needs BN, DH, and other features to support Net::SSH (patch attached).
JRUBY-1159 EOF error using net/https
JRUBY-2473 Rails and OpenSSL configuration issue
JRUBY-2467 cannot start webrick for RoR 2.0.2 and jruby1.1.1 in windows xp
JRUBY-2460 Cipher#encrypt doesn't do all it should
JRUBY-1100 JOpenSSL - Truncation of OpenSSL Cipher's initialization is not mimic'ed in bouncecastle's JCE
JRUBY-2331 Cannot load rails: java.lang.VerifyError - wrong return type in function
JRUBY-1297 Should work without a security provider installation
JRUBY-2187 Recent jopenssl cipher fixes broken test/test_openssl
JRUBY-1724 JRuby-OpenSSL gem 0.1 doesn't work after require 'openssl'
JRUBY-1716 jruby-openssl trunk doesn't support SSL
JRUBY-1324 Allow changing the padding
JRUBY-1323 key_len differs with Ruby
JRUBY-1566 require OpenSSL fails when run in JNLP
JRUBY-1187 aws/s3 gem has broken dependency
JRUBY-1851 Exception raised while attempting to retrieve a plain text document from a https service.
JRUBY-1850 UnsatisfiedLinkError with 'mkdir' while running gem
JRUBY-1933 NullPointerException in SSLSocket.java
JRUBY-1736 Jruby on rails application crashes when starting mongrel
JRUBY-1222 Net::HTTP response error using SSL connection
JRUBY-2042 Rubygems dosn't work
JRUBY-1691 Rails 2.0.1 not working with trunk
JRUBY-1888 Multiple tests in JRuby OpenSSL suite are not running during test runs
JRUBY-986 The setup with OpenSSL as a gem causes trouble
JRUBY-837 Sending mails with OpenSSL (with TLS; for example to use GMail as your mail server) isn't working with JRuby.
JRUBY-1129 net/imap failes with parser errors



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