[ANN] JRuby 1.6.0.RC3 released

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.6.0.RC3.

- Homepage: http://www.jruby.org/
- Download: http://www.jruby.org/download

JRuby 1.6.0.RC3 is the last release candidate of JRuby 1.6.0.

JRuby 1.6.0 is the largest release of JRuby to date. This release
fixes hundreds of user issues and brings compatibility with Ruby 1.9.2
to a very high level. We have made Windows a primary supported
platform by adding it as a continuous integration platform, and JRuby
1.6 will provide Windows-based Ruby users with the best experience
yet. This release integrates experimental support for C extensions
based on Ruby's C API. And as with all major releases, we have
improved stability and performance across the board in response to
real-world user input.

We are going to seriously try and make this our last RC before going final.
Unless we find something devestatingly bad we will release 1.6.0 and then
try and spin smaller point builds every 2-3 weeks to address reported

### Notable changes since 1.6.0.RC2:
- New readable backtrace format
- Easier to embed in OSGi environment
- Fixed regression which slowed down jar-based requires
- Add native JFFI bits for x86_64 SunOS (Solaris)
- More platforms with pre-built C extension support
- New jruby-core and jruby-stdlib maven artifacts
- More 1.9 compatibility fixes

### Major Features:

- Ruby 1.9.2 language and API compatibility

  - Not implemented Encoding::Converter, ripper
- Improved Ruby call performance
- Built-in profiler (--profile, --profile.graph)
- RSpec no longer bundled
- C Extension support (experimental)
- RubyGems Maven support (preview)
- Improved compatibility and user experience on Windows
- jruby-complete.jar now includes 1.9 standard library
- Embedding API refinements
- Over 2000 commits and 265 issues resolved.

### Issues fixed since 1.6.0.RC2

Key Summary
- JRUBY-5491 jruby.reify.classes fails with optparse.rb (trinidad)
- JRUBY-5502 RubyUNIXSocket#recvfrom overflows temporary buffer
- JRUBY-5337 No such file to load -- rack when booting JRuby 1.6.0RC1
Rails app in Tomcat
- JRUBY-5472 JRuby bash script no longer supports -X-C and similar options
- JRUBY-5534 Performance issue with JRuby 1.6
- JRUBY-5393 1.9: Can't run debugger
- JRUBY-5481 Marshal specs failing in 1.8 mode
- JRUBY-5509 gem update_rubygems Fails on JRuby 1.5.3
- JRUBY-5477 Caller stacks now include AbstractScript.java
- JRUBY-4544 JRuby + Java Web Start gems can't be loaded
- JRUBY-5479 Socket#pack_sockaddr_in fails for port numbers greater than 32383
- JRUBY-5483 become_java! only works on the first subclass of a deep
class hierarchy
- JRUBY-5397 1.9: Make String#gsub encoding aware for ruby files
- JRUBY-5503 Timeout::timeout makes IO#close block if there's a #read present
- JRUBY-5471 private method verify_mode= called with Bundler,
net/https, jruby-openssl and RubyGems 1.5
- JRUBY-2513 Stack traces for exceptions do not show the correct line number
- JRUBY-5455 StringIO::ungetc can't handle the ";" character correctly.
- JRUBY-5405 FileStat chardev does not work on Solaris 10 x86
- JRUBY-5463 Process.getpriority should raise an error with an invalid
process type
- JRUBY-5490 JSR223: propagate the exceptions
- JRUBY-5487 Kernel#select's read_array parameter is not respected
- JRUBY-5484 Thread#status isn't set to "sleep" when blocking on a
- JRUBY-5473 Use of -Werror when compiling C extension support causes
error on OpenBSD amd64
- JRUBY-5480 jrubyc compile loop do .... end error
- JRUBY-5474 Compiling cext support on OpenBSD amd64 uses wrong directory
- JRUBY-5469 Compiling cext support on OpenBSD puts the library under FreeBSD
- JRUBY-5517 RUBYOPT is pulled from system env always, even for in-process child
- JRUBY-4433 win: Writing to a pipe with closed source raises wrong exception
- JRUBY-5501 When embedding jruby the FORCE compile option breaks constants
- JRUBY-5281 jruby-complete jar not working from directory with spaces
- JRUBY-4618 Backtick execution pauses the process
- JRUBY-4469 Process.spawn seems to be completely broken
- JRUBY-2167 Regexp parse errors should not be rescueable
- JRUBY-5190 BigDecimal#to_f always returns 0.0 for large precisions
- JRUBY-4446 [windows] File.grpowned? fails RubySpecs
- JRUBY-5468 rb_time_new prototype doesn't match definition
- JRUBY-3431 String#encode (and decode?) missing from Ruby 1.9 String
- JRUBY-5434 Random "Detected invalid array contents due to
unsynchronized modifications with concurrent users" with Rails 3.0
- JRUBY-1166 'public_instance_methods' different from MRI within Rake
(breaking Needle)
- JRUBY-4156 1.9: jruby -S rake spec fails to find 'spec/rake/spectask'
- JRUBY-5447 maven gem support not working on windows?
- JRUBY-4788 Stackoverflow when calling code from java with wrong parameters
- JRUBY-4914 Process.spawn gives wrong pid in windows
- JRUBY-5498 important JRuby 1.6 startup time regression launching
JRuby script from JSR223 (12 sec -> 45 sec)
- JRUBY-5554 Simplify jirb_swing script
- JRUBY-5525 NPE Loading OSEnvironment on Windows
- JRUBY-5552 Method#source_location is nil for methods defined via
define_method or define_singleton_method
- JRUBY-5528 JDBC Driver Unloading should be configurable
- JRUBY-5550 Using shoulda prevents Rails from running tests in ruby1.9 mode
- JRUBY-5557 SnakeYAML dependency missing from Maven poms
- JRUBY-5548 rb_call_super causes SystemStackError when used in both
current class and ancestor class in a C extension
- JRUBY-5545 JRuby 1.6RC 2 is missing Solaris 10 x86 64bit JFFI support
- JRUBY-5541 Problem with java_import on Android (Ruboto)
- JRUBY-5539 marshal fails in 1.9 with strings
- JRUBY-5532 IO.foreach: Can't convert Hash into String
- JRUBY-5531 Process.spawn("ruby") gives garbage PID
- JRUBY-5514 Errno::EBADF is sometimes raised instead of IOError when
TCPSocket#readline is called after TCPSocket#close
- JRUBY-5515 Digest::SHA2 NameError in (1.6.RC2 -- 1.9 mode)
- JRUBY-5384 org.jruby.embed.osgi suport in OSGi for ruby code and
java code loaded from OSGi bundles
- JRUBY-5522 system("@command") should work in windows
- JRUBY-2519 Dir instance object caches directory contents


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