[ANN] JRuby 1.5.5 Released

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.5.5.

(Note: Due to a showstopper bug found after the release of the
jruby-jars gem and
the inability to remove gem releases from rubygems.org we have skipped
from 1.5.3 to 1.5.5. The 1.5.5 release is the same release that would have
been 1.5.4 had we been able to re-release jruby-jars.)

- Homepage: [http://www.jruby.org/](http://www.jruby.org/)
- Download: [http://www.jruby.org/download](http://www.jruby.org/download)

JRuby 1.5.5 is a minor follow-up release to address problems executing
some commands on Windows, a couple of Marshalling discrepancies with MRI, and
a few other random production-affecting issues. We also improved the output
and accuracy of --profile (try it out). All users of JRuby 1.5.3 are
recommended to upgrade to 1.5.5.

### 1.5.5 Issues Resolved:
- JRUBY-4766 Updated jaffl for YourKit compatibility
- JRUBY-4865 Ant.load_from_ant is broken on Windows
- JRUBY-4940 Cucumber Japanese example raises exception on JRuby
- JRUBY-5064 Marshalled ruby hash gets loaded incorrectly
- JRUBY-5110 kernel.system not working in 1.5.3 on Windows
- JRUBY-5112 Cannot run 'jruby -S rake test' for Rails project on
Windows in 1.5.3
- JRUBY-5122 Webrick socket.readline causes 100% cpu usage
- JRUBY-5123 Marshal dump format error and inconsistencies with MRI
- JRUBY-5132 java.awt.Component.instance_of?() expects 2 args
- JRUBY-5133 Backtick operator does not work on Windows in 1.5.3
- JRUBY-5138 requiring 'ffi' defines class method :error on Module
- JRUBY-5168 Can't include interfaces in a synchronized class


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