[ANN] Introducing Simplekiq: Orchestrated job flow for Sidekiq Pro

A few of my incredible co-workers over at Doximity released this
fantastic [simplekiq gem](GitHub - doximity/simplekiq: Sidekiq-based workflow orchestration library) to
orchestrate complex chains of jobs and batches. I'm really happy how
this turned out, and hope y'all enjoy it!

Any time that you find yourself needing to string together a long chain of jobs, particularly when there are multiple stages of Sidekiq-pro batches and callbacks involved, come home instead to the simple flavor of orchestrated job flow with Simplekiq.

    class SomeOrchestrationJob < BaseJob
      include Sidekiq::Worker
      include Simplekiq::OrchestrationJob

      def perform_orchestration(some_id)
        @some_model = SomeModel.find(some_id) # 1.

        run SomeInitialSetupJob, some_model.id # 2.

        in_parallel do
          some_related_models.each do |related_model|
            run SomeParallelizableJob, related_model.id # 3.