[ANN] http-2-next (0.2.6) released!

* https://gitlab.com/honeyryderchuck/http-2-next

http-2-next is a fork of the http-2 gem (https://github.com/igrigorik/http-2),
a pure ruby HTTP/2 protocol implementation. It's goal it is to address spec
compliance issues and missing features from upstream.

There hasn't been any updates since 0.1.1 release, so here it goes
everything since then:

## 0.1.2

* bugfix: do not update connection remote window on SETTINGS frame (aka the
Cloudfront issue)

## 0.2.0

* support for the ORIGIN frame

## 0.2.1

* updated syntax to be ruby 2.7 compliant and warning free

## 0.2.2

* hotfix: the connection window was being updated when receiving
WINDOW_UPDATEs for a stream.

## 0.2.3

* bugfix: allow stream to send empty end-stream DATA frame even if remote
window is exhausted.
* avoid needless header fields #downcase calls.
* using class_eval instead of define_method.

## 0.2.4

* bugfix: wrong window update accounting check causing random flow control

## 0.2.5

* bugfix: fixed bookkeeping of recently-closed streams.

## 0.2.6

* feature: Connection#max_streams=(int); this way one can set the max
number of streams, thereby bypassing the limits established in the
handshake. A lot of servers treat MAX_CONCURRENT_STREAMS not as the limit
of allowed streams, but the number of inflight streams. By setting this to
Float::INFINITY, users can take advantage of it.