[ANN] GlassFish gem v0.9.2 released

The GlassFish gem has been updated to 0.9.2!

GlassFish v3 server for Rack based web frameworks (Rails, Merb, …)

GlassFish gem is a lightweight and robust deployment solution for Ruby on Rails applications deployed on JRuby runtime. It is based on GlassFish v3 application server.

GlassFish v3 is a Java based application server that allows deployment, administration and monitoring of JavaEE as well as dynamic languages based web frameworks such as Ruby On Rails, Grails etc.

GlassFish gem is based on GlassFish v3 nucleus. GlassFish v3 nucleus is the core module of GlassFish v3.

For more information on GlassFish v3 application server see glassfish.dev.java.net/v3.

gem install glassfish

glassfish <app dir>

- Charlie