[ANN] freeVikings 0.8

== What is it?
Game. Clone of Lost Vikings written in Ruby.

== URL

== Summary of new features in this release:
- user's configuration file
- select campaign in menu (you can forget option -l)
- in-game menu with option to restart level
- four possible placements of status panel
- double-click on item in inventory uses it
- you can change default order of vikings
- Lock disappears when it is unlocked (like in Lost Vikings)
- Bear kills vikings a bit slower than before
- two new graphics: replacement for old 'kill-toy' (item which kills
  monsters instantly) and animated trash in status panel
- symbol on the trash rotates if an item is dropped in

== Looking for programmer(s?)
If you like programming useless software in Ruby, you have a great opportunity
to join development of freeVikings.
Skills needed: a bit of basic Ruby knowledge, desire to program monsters,
Reward: your name will appear in freeVikings credits and people
  all over the world will admire your monsters :slight_smile:

class OldHugeDragon < Sprite
  include Monster
  include Sleeper

  def initialize(position)
    @energy = 150

  def update
    return if sleeping?

    if see_vikings? then


"Configure complete, now type 'make' and PRAY."

                (configure script of zsnes - www.zsnes.com)