[ann] dea-0.0.1 (Deployment Enduser Applications)

(dave) #1


Please consider it more an experiment than a pubblic relase.

Dea is a Qtruby based deployment system.

Linux installation systems often require the use of a shell
and are not easy to use for novices, coming from a Windows world.

Windows installation systems are hard to programm or are
closed source.

How mixin a portable solution?

Dea is a set of pure ruby libs designed to build a minimal one-click
installer and unistaller.

Try it at http://realm.ath.cx.


To create a new Dea Setup:
    1: Install qtruby and dea-0.0.1
    2: Create a root dir with files to install.
    3: Create a dea dir in the root dir.
    4: Insert in the dea dir the file license.txt
    5: Write a setup.rb script.
    6: Run `dir2dea root dir`
      wget http://realm.ath.cx/src/$dea &&
      ruby $dea
      mkdir -p new_pkg-0.0.1/{dea,var/tmp/test1,tmp/test2}
      cp /usr/doc/license/GPL-2 new_pkg-0.0.1/dea/license.txt
     if (! $nogui)
       require "dea/introframe"
       require "dea/licenseframe"
       require "dea/summaryframe"

       main_window = setup.main_window

       intro_frame = Dea::IntroFrame.new(main_window)
       intro_frame.title_label.set_text("<b>Tree, Resources Interchange.</b>")

      dir2dea new_pkg-0.0.1



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