[ann] coverage 0.2

see example output here:

download it from here: tgz, zip, gem.

changes since 0.1

  •   sidebar can be specified, by creating a file 
      named 'coverage.sidebar'. 
  •   avoid absolute names.
  •   output to the local dir 'coverage'.
  •   XHTML1.0 strict.




This tool helps identify those lines of code in your
program which didn’t got executed while running.

NaHi is the author of the original ‘coverage.rb’,
47 lines of Ruby code. Today it outputs nice HTML.


Ruby’s license


Follow these 3 steps in order to install

ruby install.rb config

ruby install.rb setup

ruby install.rb install


Insert ‘-rcoverage’ when you wish to make coverage output.
For instance:

ruby -rcoverage test_all.rb

It should generage an ‘index.html’ file, containing coverage info.


NAKAMURA Hiroshi (NaHi) for the original coverage code.

Mauricio Julio Fernández Pradier, lots of improvements.

Robert Feldt, for suggestions.

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sorry in advance for announcing this package twice :wink:

Simon Strandgaard