[ANN] clogger 2.1.0 - configurable request logging for Rack

Clogger is Rack middleware for logging HTTP requests. The log format
is customizable so you can specify exactly which fields to log.

* https://bogomips.org/clogger/
* mail archives: https://bogomips.org/clogger-public/
* email us: clogger-public@bogomips.org (publically archived)
* git clone https://bogomips.org/clogger.git
* https://bogomips.org/clogger/NEWS.atom.xml

Changes: clogger 2.1.0 - rack 2.x compatibility and more!

5 changes since 2.0.2:
      test_clogger: add test for REMOTE_USER
      ext: avoid clobbering existing system functions
      pure: remove Rack::Utils.bytesize dependency
      loosen rack dependency to allow rack 2.x
      doc use HTTPS for URLs and move homepage

Note the new HTTPS homepage.

Coming soon:
- hidden service mirrors for the homepage + git host
- POP3 mailing list subscriptions!