[ANN] binman 0.1.1

binman - UNIX man pages for Ruby bin/ scripts

What is it?



binman produces UNIX man pages for your Ruby `bin/` scripts using
markdown(7), roff(7), [Redcarpet2] for conversion thereof, and man(1).

Here is an obligatory screen-shot of binman in action:

Here is an example bin/ script to help you get started:

[Redcarpet2]: https://github.com/tanoku/redcarpet

What is new?

New features:

* `BinMan.read()` now supports embedded document (=begin ... =end)
  comments also. See binman(1) for the new, complete description
  of leading comment headers.

Bug fixes:

* Ignore encoding comment line after shebang line.

* roff: fix first paragraphs inside list items.


* gemspec: build man page files before building gem.

* binman: raise error and suggest --help option.

* README: add link to example of binman markdown.

* README: add obligatory screen-shot! >:-)

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    -- Donald Kaul